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    When you’re shopping for beds, whether for your bedroom or a building full of hotel suites, you’ll want to look for an ergonomic mattress. “Ergonomics” refers to the art and science of designing products to be healthier and more comfortable for people to use, such as beds and chairs. An ergonomic bed differs from a regular flat bed in that it is designed with flexibility and support in mind, providing targeted support for the right areas and an excellent night’s rest for the entire body. Keep in mind that people spend about a third of their lives in bed, so it pays to choose mattresses made for comfort and health. At Ergonomic Life International, that’s precisely what we offer.

    Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mattress and Base

    There are many reasons why so many people love sleeping on ergonomic mattresses. Here are a few of them.

    • Pain relief. An ergonomic mattress can help relieve chronic pain and other body aches by selectively displacing pressure points to keep you more comfortable and help you wake up refreshed.
    • Proper sleeping posture. Ergonomic beds help ensure that the spine is aligned correctly when lying down. Over time, a good sleeping position can relieve many spinal issues.
    • Better sleep. When you’re comfortable, you’ll sleep better. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

    Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Ergonomic Spring Mattress

    There are many mattresses on the market, but only a fraction of them are designed optimally to give you the best possible sleep and protect your body from pain and aches throughout the night. Look for beds that:

    • Conform to your natural curves. A good mattress should promote natural spine alignment and maintain as you sleep.
    • Minimise transfer of movement. When one person moves, it can disturb the other person sleeping in the bed. Separate partner zones can keep this from being a problem.
    • Distribute weight evenly. An even distribution of weight and pressure is key to a good night’s sleep.
    • Feature perimeter edge support. Edge support adds much to the overall supportiveness of the mattress and minimises sagging over time.

    Common Mistakes People Make Regarding an Ergonomic Latex Mattress

    Whether you’re purchasing a mattress for your home or many mattresses for a hotel, you’ll want to make the best decision possible about which type to buy. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

    • Failure to consider your options. Choosing a mattress quickly based on price, looks, or just because it is “soft” or “firm” can be a big mistake. For example, if you want a soft mattress, you’ll want to make sure that it is an ergonomic soft mattress for the best support and sleep.
    • Not knowing your supplier. There are numerous mattress sellers, and not all of them are reputable. Be sure to look into who is manufacturing and supplying your mattresses so you can shop with confidence.
    • Downplaying the importance of support. Your ergonomic spring mattress should be more than just comfortable – it should be explicitly designed to be supportive and promote healthy sleep.

    About Ergonomic Life International

    At Ergonomic Life International, we are the global licensor of Ergolife beds. We have spent years applying the science of ergonomics and engineering support principles to beds for residential and commercial use. Our range of products caters to the individual and varied needs of today’s consumers. However, all our beds have something in common, from an ergonomic firm mattress to a softer one: they’re all designed to help you get the best sleep of your life and wake up with less pain. Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about where to buy or how to order commercially.