Ergonomic Queen Bed

    Improve the Quality of Your Sleep with an Ergonomic Queen Bed

    Throughout our life, the average person spends more time sleeping than any other single activity, so it only makes sense that you should get the best rest possible with an ergonomic queen bed. Many studies highlight the benefits of getting a good night’s rest and the role that a good bed plays in getting that rest. The most significant development in recent years has been the full recognition of how people get the best sleep. Below we examine the ways that we can help supply better sleep to your customers with our ergonomic beds.

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    Finding the right bed is not a one size fits all proposition. Instead, there are several variations to consider:

    • For those who find themselves tossing and turning at night, or waking up feeling sore on most mattresses, a soft ergonomic bed can make a tremendous difference. Their bodies may want a little more yield on the sleep surface than what they’ve been getting before.
    • Alternatively, others have trouble sleeping because it feels like they’re sinking into the bed too much. This scenario can cause excess neck strain, which itself leads to additional soreness. In those cases, a firm ergonomic bed may prove extremely helpful.
    • The next consideration is the size of the bed. Some people stay relatively still while sleeping, so may not need a large bed. Others tend to need some space to stretch or roll around, so in that case, a queen or king-sized bed may work better.


    Signs You Should Invest in an Ergonomic King Bed


    Consider some tell-tale signs that you should look into purchasing ergonomic beds:

    • Your customers complain of too much strain on conventional pressure points such as your shoulders and hips. This strain will result in worse sleep and potentially chronic issues if left unchecked. Hotels that thrive on repeat business can keep customers coming back with more comfortable beds.
    • If your beds are not providing the spinal support that people need, they may experience lumbar pain and find it more difficult to maintain proper posture. This struggle can compound the pains and negative aspects that already come from a bed that’s not well-suited to their bodies.
    • Different people prefer different sleeping positions. Generally, individuals will prefer to lie face down, face-up, or on their side. If they go to sleep in one of these positions and consistently wake up in another, it may mean that their bed is not providing the right kind of support, and they should consider purchasing an ergonomic bed.


    Benefits of an Ergonomic Spring Bed


    Over the past decade, mounting scientific evidence has provided an excellent case for why people should invest in ergonomic beds:

    • Properly-designed beds eliminate strain on the spinal column. Getting rid of this strain promotes proper alignment, which has been shown to reduce the possibility of back pain and other problems related to the spine.
    • While regular mattresses offer a static amount of pressure at all points of the bed, ergonomic mattresses instead counteract the pressure that your body projects into the mattress. Thus, at each of those significant pressure points, the mattress presses back or yields accordingly to reduce the strain that your body feels.
    • When the body is aligned correctly and has the correct amount of support, sleep is less troubled, and people may see longer stretches of undisturbed sleep. Given how vital a consistent sleep schedule is and the necessity of getting enough sleep, ergonomic mattresses can play a significant role in improving many other aspects of life, including mood and attentiveness.


    About Ergonomic Life International


    We develop, test, and sell high-quality ergonomic beds to companies who provide them to those who benefit most. In addition to selling these beds, we strive to understand more about how ergonomic beds impact the human sleep cycle and the fundamental ways that these beds help real people. As a result of this commitment, we spent time studying the science of sleep and sharing those results with our customers.

    Our company has been in operation for 12 years, and for the past three, we’ve focused entirely on the Ergolife line of beds. As a result of this focus, our beds are exceptionally high quality and compare favourably to any other similar products on the market. We produce these beds not only tailored to the individual, but also in commercial settings such as hotels. In those cases, we optimise the bed for the highest portion of the general populace. Even when not ideally designed for an individual, our clients report substantial positive feedback from their guests. Contact us today to learn more about the Ergolife line of beds and how we can help you sleep better.