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    Introducing Ergonomics in Bedding


    Ergonomic Life International is the global marketer and licensor of revolutionary Ergolife beds.

    Like all good revolutions the Ergonomic Revolution has had a profound impact on our lives from the way we sit, walk and work to the way we use everyday products.

    Thanks to Ergonomic Life international and the vision of CEO and bedding engineer Mario Piraino, ergonomics is finally applied to beds with the creation of Ergolife mattress and bases.

    Ergolife beds are the first and only beds that can be personalised to suit the individual needs of the consumer. Ergolife beds adjust to the size and shape of the body providing support for back, hip & shoulders, giving true comfort, better sleep and maximum rest.

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    Ergonomic revolution

    A revolution is a change so profound that it shifts the social fabric resulting in a life changing experience from the way we think and live to the way we interact with others and the world around us. Just like the great social revolutions that have enriched our lives today, the great agricultural revolution, industrial and digital revolution, we are now entering into the Ergonomic revolution.

    The term ‘ergonomics’ comes from the Greek words ergo and nomos, meaning natural laws of work. It is the science of designing products to suit people and their lifestyles, focusing on improving interactions with every day products.


    In the business for more than 30 years, Ergonomic Life International are pioneers of healthy sleep through supporting natural body alignment.

    As specialists in the design and development of ergonomics in bedding, Ergonomic Life International has developed the Ergolife range of beds that cater to the varied and individual needs of consumers. The range allows the body to sleep supported in its NATURAL BODY ALIGNMENT resulting in improved health and rejuvenation.


    Designers at Ergonomic Life International continually draw from the latest in ergonomic principles, sleep research, scientific and engineering techniques to ensure their beds are the best on the market. The Ergolife range is the only bed on the market that can adjust to the individual needs of the consumer.

    While most of the decisions people make are about improving their waking lives people spend on average a third of their lifetime asleep in bed! With this in mind Ergonomic Life International believes it is essential they invest to ensure sleep is the best it can be!

    introducing the ergolife range

    Ergonomically designed bed bases suitable for latex, memory foam and all spring mattresses


    Ergolife mattresses are ergonomically designed TO SUIT EVERY BODY type



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