Ergonomic Life International is the global marketer and licensor of Ergolife beds.

    CEO and bedding engineer Mario Piraino and his team at Ergonomic Life International have applied the science of ergonomics, engineering support principles and ingenuity to beds with the revolutionary creation of Ergolife mattresses and bases.

    The Ergolife range of beds cater to the varied and individual needs of consumers. The range allows the body to sleep supported in its natural body alignment resulting in rejuvenation and improved health.


    In late 1996, Mario Piraino, a Structural Engineer turned furniture and bedding retailer, turned his attention to the question of whether the prevailing mattress designs were really best for helping people to optimise their sleep. Mario set about designing a mattress to support the human body in its natural alignment, with specific emphasis on the shoulders, spine and hips. Applying Engineering principles to the design of his mattresses, Mario realised that his approach was a world away from what the industry regarded as ‘the norm’.

    After 20 years, Mario’s endeavours to make beds that actually support the human body correctly and enable the body to “rest as it should be rested” has produced; 2 ergonomic mattress designs, 2 ergonomic-base designs and 2 electric adjustable bed designs.

    Mario’s ergonomically innovative designs have the potential to change the bedding industry forever; transforming the industry from; a focus on what feels good – quality soft fabrics delivering ‘beautifully tailored comfort cushions’, to a focus on beds that feel good and are good for your body – using quality materials to deliver beautifully tailored comfort cushions, unsurpassed quality of body alignment, reduced stress, improved blood flow and improved body rest.


    At Ergonomic Life International, providing correct support for every body is our goal.

    People vary in many ways in particular height, weight and shape. These dimensions alone mean that only a bed with specific adjustable zones (for shoulder, hip and lumbar) can provide the necessary support to accommodate the varying dimensions and lifestyle needs of each sleeper.

    The Ergolife range is ergonomically designed to adjust to suit individual needs, ensuring the body is supported in its natural body alignment leading to less tossing and turning, improved blood flow and achieving deeper levels of sleep.

    Designers at Ergonomic Life International continually draw from the latest in ergonomic principles, sleep research, scientific and engineering techniques to ensure their beds are the most supportive and comfortable beds on the market.

    The Ergolife range supports the body in the right way providing true comfort and correct support resulting in better sleep and maximum rest.



    Ergonomic Life International’s Ergolife range are the only beds on the market that can adjust to the individual needs of the consumer. The range allows the sleeper to adjust and tailor support along the bed from shoulder to hip, seeking to reach full relaxation (zero stress) leading to superior sleep, more rest and a healthier lifestyle.

    Ergonomic Life International has also applied ergonomic design principles and the science of physics to pillows, mattress toppers and heat dissipaters.